South African horse races

Horse racing, one of the oldest sports, is loved by the rich and poor alike. It symbolizes strength, valor and courage in one sight. Horse racing is a colorful sport because of the colourful silks, the noise and the crowd.

The sport of Horse racing is extremely popular in South Africa with the usual races taking place around the country. Horse race in South Africa has a long and rich history that can be traced back to 1797. The national horse racing body in South Africa is known as the National Horse Racing Authority (NHRA) which was previously known as The Jockey Club of South Africa, founded in 1882.

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Comparatively the weather of South Africa contrasts with most racing centers in Europe, United States and Australian continent, which are subject to severe winter conditions. South Africa is especially noted for its sunshine and mild weather.

Race track

Horse racing in South Africa is governed by two associations, the Phumelela Gaming & Leisure Limited and Gold Circle. Phumelela controls racing in the Free State, Northern Cape, Eastern Cape and Gauteng whilst Gold Circle runs racing in the Western Cape and Kwazulu Natal.

One of the racecourses, Greyville Racecourse is located in Durban, South Africa, famous for Thoroughbred races. The 2,800 meters track consists of several gradient features: it has a pear-shaped track, it is run uphill from 600meters, after which it slopes gently downward for approximately the next 800 meters then uphill again into the nearly flat 500 meters homestretch.

Greyville Racecourse is famous for hosting the esteemed Durban July Handicap every year in August, the Greyville Gold Cup, and both Group One races that annually draw the best horses from around the country.

Turffontein Racecourse is another race track in South Africa, founded in the year 1887 at Turffontein, for Thoroughbred horse racing. The facility has both, an inner and outer grass track. The racecourse is host to the Group One South African Derby and November’s Summer Cup.

Horse racing Events

The Durban July Handicap is a South African Thoroughbred horse race held annually on the first Saturday of July since 1897 at Greyville Racecourse in Durban, the Durban July Handicap is open to horses of all ages. This race is South Africa’s leading horse racing event and currently offers a purse of Rands2.5 million (app. US$360,000).

First held in July 1897 at a distance of 1600 meters, the distance was modified several times until 1970 when it was changed to 2200 meters.




2008 Pocket Power/Dancers Daughter

Bernard Fayd’herbe/Kevin Shea2007 Hunting Tower

Anton Marcus2006 Eyeofthetiger

Gerrit Schlechter2005 Dunford

Anton Marcus2004 Greys Inn

Anthony Delpech2003 Dynasty

Robbie Fradd2002 Ipi Tombe

Kevin Shea2001 Trademark

Piere Strydom2000 El Picha

Anton Marcus

The South African Derby is a Group I stakes race for three year-old horses, which are Thoroughbred, in Johannesburg, South Africa.

– 2000 Silver Sliver

– 2001 Badger’s Drift

– 2002 Timber Trader (NZ)

– 2003 Yard Arm

– 2004 Grey’s Inn (USA)

– 2005 Silverpoint (AUS)

– 2006 Elusive Fort

– 2007 Ravishing

– 2008 King’s Gambit

– 2009 Bouquet-Garni

Horse Racing in South Africa started in the late 1700’s, but horse racing is now a multi million rand hobby and has thousands of participants and supporters worldwide.

South Africa is home to the famous horse races that take place in its three principal cities. Johannesburg hosts The Summer Cup having prize money of R1.2 million, Cape Town hosts The J&B Met and Durban hosts the primary event known as The Durban July, which has been running since 1897.

It’s not just about the horses, ladies and gents alike come out arrayed in the most incredible designer outfits – most of which are designed for visual appeal rather than practicality. Large hats and vibrant colors are the order of the day and once the race is over, most supporters head out to one of many after parties until early morning hours arrive.

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